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As an art curator, junkosasanuki creation creates encounters with art and life with art by curating solo exhibitions and special exhibitions of especially painters, ranging from up-and-coming young artists to experienced veterans, and a wider range such as POP to established ones. In addition, junkosasanuki creation will also spread awareness through publicity and promotion, such as press releases and social networking services.



MURKOS / 山口一郎 / 新井碧 / 荻原美里 / WITNESS / 岡美里 / MADBUNNY (at ARTGOESON) 
MURKOS / Ichiro Yamaguchi / Midori Arai / Misato Ogihara / WITNESS / Misato Oka / MADBUNNY

MURKOS July/2023

​坂口拓 Taku Sakaguchi August/2023

進士美紗  Misa Shinshi   July/2023
スズキアヤノ   Ayano Suzuki  September/ 2023

さくらいはじめ Hajime Sakurai  October / 2023

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