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We, "junkosasanuki creation" work to connect art and people, art and companies from various aspects and opportunities, aiming to create a world where " art and creativity meet and connect through art and creativity".​



​junkosasanuki creation is involved in organizing and managing relatively large-scale events such as art fairs, and actively works on projects through teamwork. We aim to produce event projects that bring happiness to the artists, the management, and the visitors.



​​As an art curator, junkosasanuki creation creates encounters with art and life with art by curating solo exhibitions and special exhibitions of especially painters, ranging from up-and-coming young artists to experienced veterans. In addition, junkosasanuki creation will also spread awareness through publicity and promotion, such as press releases and social networking services.

国内外のクリエイターやクライアントを繋ぐコミュニケーションやクリエイターがより良い環境で仕事に集中できるようサポートも含めたコーディネイトをしています。また、​企業様からのアートやクリエイティブを軸としたマーケティングやブランディングの課題解決などコンサルテーションも含めたお取り組みをプラン作りからメディア発信までワンストップでサポートしています。 ​


junkosasanuki creation coordinates communication between domestic and international creators and clients and provides support for creators to concentrate on their work in a better environment. We also provide consultation and one-stop support for companies to solve marketing and branding issues centered on art and creativity, from planning to media transmission.

お問い合わせ / Inquiry

Thank you for your message. 

​● 月1回のマンスリーニュースレターの受信希望の方は「ニュースレター希望」とお書きになり送信くださいませ

We welcome inquiries from creators, artists, and companies that are interested in creative-related work and projects.


Sorry, but we are not responsible for any unsolicited ad mails and inquiries.


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